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Cognitive Box Working With AAMPA

Really pleased the Cognitive Box team is involved in helping and working with this amazing and inspiring project and organization, AAMPA, (African American Museum of the Performing Arts), based out of Chicago, IL. Check out their latest series of “setting our own table” and go to find out more about AAMPA and the mission.  To […]

Exploiting Response Models – Optimizing Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities in Banking

ABSTRACT The banking industry regularly mounts campaigns to improve customer value by offering new products to existing customers. In recent years this approach has gained significant momentum because of the increasing availability of customer data and the improved analysis capabilities in data mining. Typically, response models based on historical data are used to estimate the […]

Software review The role of social networks in marketing

Abstract   Social network analysis is not new, but its business application in marketing is a relatively new area. This paper describes what social network analysis is and how it     is being applied to solving marketing problems around segmentation, targeting and campaign design. In particular it describes how the social network can be defined, the   role […]

Software review: Using short message services as a marketing tool

Abstract The year 2000 saw an explosion in the volume of short text messages being   sent to mobile phones. Originally the sole realm of the telecommunication providers, this communication medium is starting to be used by other types of organisation to deliver messages to consumers. Marketers are starting to recognise the potential of this medium […]

Software review A strategy for self-service in a telco environment

Abstract As the cost of servicing the customer relationship grows, more and more organisations are looking at how technology can slow down and in some cases reduce     the costs of managing the customer relationship while at the same time driving up customer service. The result has been the growth in self-service technologies that aim to […]

Software review: Rules-based engines or statistical optimisation: The intelligent way forward

Abstract The paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of rule-based engines and optimisation techniques in supporting marketing communication decisioning. INTRODUCTION In the past, determining which marketing communication a customer received was easy as the choice of channel was very limited. With the growth in active (eg e-mail) and passive (Web) communication channels and the increase in […]

Software Review: The role of workflow and marketing resource management technologies in supporting marketing − the last bastion for technology in marketing

Synopsis  The development of technology to support marketing over the last ten years has predominantly focused on the analytics, campaign management and reporting (collectively marketing automation).The last two years has seen the release of a number of technologies aimed at supporting marketing workflow. These solutions classified by Gartner as Marketing Resource Management (1) are starting […]

Software review: Measuring the overall effectiveness of marketing (Part 1)

Abstract This paper, which has been divided into two parts, explores how the uses of measurement systems have been evolving in marketing. The first part starts by looking     at the impact of implementing corporate strategies on marketing and the development of marketing customer communication strategies. The second part of the paper looks at   the types […]