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Software review: The components of a marketing automation solution in a multi-channel real-time environment

Abstract This paper describes the key components of a marketing automation   solution. It aims to provide a framework for discussion on the components needed to support   the marketing function in a multi-channel, real-time environment. BACKGROUND The last few years have seen the campaign management vendors repositioning their applications as marketing automation solutions. One of the […]

The role of interaction management systems in the management of customer relationships

Abstract This paper explores the evolution of customer interaction management systems and their possible place in the support of customer relationships. BACKGROUND Since early 1999 there has been an explosion in the number of technology vendors touting ‘customer interaction management systems’. In many cases it is campaign management or call centre or web personalisation technology […]

Software review: How is geography supporting marketing in today’s commercial organisations?

Abstract The wider availability of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for use in marketing is encouraging growth in the business application of these technologies. This paper explores how geography is now being used to support marketing activities in a range of industry sectors. DEFINITION A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool that allows data that […]

Software review: The system requirements and process impact of event-based marketing in financial services

Abstract This paper identifies the system requirements and marketing process impacts   of trigger or event-based marketing in promoting products and services in a financial services organisation. INTRODUCTION A framework for classifying customer communications was described in a previous paper.1 This framework described five basic types of communication that need to be supported by a marketing […]

Software review: A process change model to meet the Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA) vision

Abstract The last few years have seen an explosion in the technologies to support the Enterprise Marketing Automation Vision (EMA), as an important pillar in meeting   corporate customer relationship management (CRM) objectives. Much of the effort spent by organisations is on the selection and deployment of these technologies with little recognition of the central importance […]

Software review: Auto-ID technology in retail and its potential application in marketing

Abstract This paper describes the Auto-ID technology and its key components. It explores some of the issues associated with its widespread use. Finally it explores its potential business applications in marketing. INTRODUCTION The Auto-ID Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1 announced the launch of version 1.0 of the EPCglobal Network in September 2003. This […]

Software review: Is there a role for Activity Based Costing (ABC) in database marketing?

By Shaun Doyle Introduction The author has been involved in a number of projects around the world where database marketing teams have been establishing Key Performance Indicators frameworks (KPI) for monitoring the effectiveness of direct marketing activities. These have ranged from simple campaign performance reporting solutions to complex customer orientated balanced scorecards. One issue that […]

The Cognitive Box Charitable Giving Program

Cognitive Box (Consulting) LLC began a Charitable Giving Program in 2012.  The Charities are chosen by our team and reflect a wide range of social issues close to each of our hearts.  Displayed in our Connecticut office is a framed piece of art with the logos of these institutions.  Also framed, are some remarkable “Thank you” […]