Cognitive Box Working With AAMPA

Really pleased the Cognitive Box team is involved in helping and working with this amazing and inspiring project and organization, AAMPA, (African American Museum of the Performing Arts), based out of Chicago, IL. Check out their latest series of “setting our own table” and go to find out more about AAMPA and the mission.  To see more episodes of “setting our own table” check out , and please go and support. IT’S GONNA BE BIG!

“AAMPA will live as the definitive archive of  the cultural expression of African American high performance art. The centerpiece of this institution, the “living” museum will offer the general public a venue where they can learn about, participate in, and enjoy great works of performance art by African Americans. Housing both permanent and temporary installations, the museum will be fully interactive, with an analog and digital library, archival footage of theatrical performances, in dance, jazz, drama, musicals, etc., and live demonstrations by Conservatory students and local artists.

The first of its kind, AAMPA will rescue, preserve, and curate myriad facts and artifacts depicting black performance excellence to prevent the loss of this invaluable slice of American and world history to time. Exhibits will span generations of hard-fought accomplishments in traditional—theatre, film, TV, radio, classical, gospel, jazz, blues, ballet, modern—and nontraditional—comedy, architectural design, sports, visual arts, oration—performance disciplines.

AAMPA will become the premier institution through which we will chronicle our legends; provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for a new generation of performers who are dedicated to enriching our lives through their craft, daring, and accomplishment; forge arts alliances; and incubate thought leadership, research, and new art forms that foster self-definition, social justice, healing, and consciousness.

AAMPA will ultimately be the national hub for artistic expression on the South Side of Chicago. This will help change the stigma surrounding South Side neighborhoods and reinforce the African American legacy of arts and culture in Chicago.”

Check it out, find out more, make a donation!

The Cognitive Box Charitable Giving Program

Cognitive Box (Consulting) LLC began a Charitable Giving Program in 2012.  The Charities are chosen by our team and reflect a wide range of social issues close to each of our hearts.  Displayed in our Connecticut office is a framed piece of art with the logos of these institutions.  Also framed, are some remarkable “Thank you” letters.

We call this our Wall of Honor  

Wellness House of Annapolis, MD WallofHonor
Women In Need, Inc. NYC
Help the Hospices
Autism Initiatives
Boy Scouts of America
Interfaith Community Luncheon Norwich, CT
MASH Mystic Area Shelter and Hospitality, Inc.
East African Playgrounds
Born This Way Foundation, Inc.
Red Cross Relief for Hurricane Sandy

In 2013 we have continued the tradition and have so far donated to:

Friends of Amanicharitylogos
Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children
Franziska Racker Center
Horses Healing Humans, Stonington, CT
Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee
Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center, Pawcatuck, CT
Critter Cavalry Rescue, Tennessee
Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
END7 Campaign/Sabin Vaccine Institute
St. Michael the Archangel, Pawcatuck, CT
Atlanta DayShelter for Women & Children, Inc.

We are very proud to be able to give back.