About Us

Cognitive Box specializes in helping clients to exploit customer data to drive business value. We are a team of business and technical consultants who work globally providing advice on how organizations can gain sustainable competitive advantage through the exploitation of customer information. We call this Customer Intelligence. Our approach is to mentor and support our clients through the conceptualization, delivery and exploitation of Customer Intelligence solutions. We believe real business benefits can only be achieved when the people, process and technology components are wrapped up in a clear vision and strategy.

Cognitive Box has helped countless businesses to develop and exploit their Customer Intelligence over the years. Shaun Doyle, CEO, is a thought leader in the Customer Intelligence and CRM markets. His consultants all have strong commercial backgrounds, which means financial benefits realization is a key focus on every assignment. Cognitive Box is a forward thinking company, with offices in the US and UK, and clients located from Singapore to Las Vegas.

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Shaun Doyle, Cognitive Box founder

Shaun Doyle is President and CEO of Cognitive Box, founded in 2002. Prior to setting up the company, he held the title of VP Intelligent Marketing solutions at SAS. In this role he worked with various subdivisions of SAS, to develop business solutions for marketing. His primary areas of concentration were SAS Marketing Automation Solution, and SAS Industry specific solutions for the telecommunications and retail banking industries. During his time at SAS, Mr. Doyle founded and became Chairman of Intrinsic, a campaign management vendor acquired by SAS in March 2001.

Shaun Doyle has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of customer-focused database marketing systems in a number of business sectors. Additionally, he has helped design and build more than 150 marketing solutions for blue chip enterprises in the financial services, retail, mail order, utilities, charity, media and telecommunications sectors.

Mr. Doyle is well known in the marketing industry and regularly participates in leading industry conferences. He is the author of a number of papers on the application of analytical CRM, which have been published in the UK, and elsewhere. Earlier in his career, Shaun co-founded Berry Consulting, a firm specializing in database marketing. He has worked in the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.